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Computer Gk in Hindi (कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान) Se related question aur unke answer. Jinka use aapko kisi bhi competitive exam (Bank, SSC, MPSC, UPSC) ke liye ho sakata hai. Ye jo question hai wo aapko kisi bhi exam ke liye upyogi padh sakate hai.

Computer GK Hindi Me

Computer 20 General Knowledge Question With Answer:

1. Computer Kisane Invent (banaya) Kiya?
   a) Charles Babbage
   b) Bill Gates
   c) Dennis Ritchie
   d) None of this
Ans: Charles Babbage

2. CPU Ka Full Form?
   a) Central Processing Unit
   b) Central Progressing Unit
   c) Control Problem Unit
   d) Central Problem Unit
Ans: Central Processing Unit

3. RAM Ka Full Form?
    a) Radio Access Method
    b) Random Access Memory
    c) Read And Memory
    d) None of these
Ans: Random Access Memory

4. Keyboard Ek --------- device hai?
    a) Output
    b) Input
Ans: Input

5. 1 MB Kitane Bytes ka hota hai?
    a) 1024 KB
    b) 1024 GB
    c) 1024 Bits
    d) 1000 KB
Ans: 1024 KB

6. Aap kiski madad se web sites open kar sakate ho?
    a) Messenger
    b) Browser
    c) MS Word
    d) Gmail
Ans: Browser

7. Inme Se Kon Si Operating System Me GUI Interface nahi hai?
    a) Linux
    b) Unix
    c) Windows
    d) DOS
Ans: DOS

8. Ek Standard Keyboard Me Kitani Keys Hoti Hai?
    b) 115-205
    c) 99-105
    d) 250
Ans: 101-104

9. India Ke Pahale Super Computers Ka Naam Kya tha?
    a) Dharam
    b) Param
    c) Gita
    d) Mira
Ans: Param

10. Computer Sirf --------- Language Understand kar sakata hai?
    a) Binary Language
    b) English
    c) Assembly
    d) Hindi
Ans: Binary Language

11. Light Pen, Joy stick Aur Track Ball ye kiske example hai?
    a) Printing
    b) Scanning
    c) Pointing Devices
    d) None
Ans: Pointing Devices

12. Linux Operating System Kisane Banayi?
    a) Dennis Ritchie
    b) Bill Gates
    c) Linus Torvalds
    d) Charles Babbage
Ans: Linus Torvalds

13. E-Commerce Ke Prakar Koun Se Hai?
    a) B2C
    b) C2C
    c) B2B
    d) All of these
Ans: All of these

14. ------- ko primary memory bhi kaha jata hai.
    a) RAM
    b) ROM
    c) CD ROM
    d) DVD
Ans: RAM

15. Niche me se kounsi operating system ko Microsoft ne develop kiya hai?
    a) Unix
    b) Linux
    c) Windows 7
    d) None of these
Ans : Windows 7

16. Twitter par aap kitne character lambi twits kar sakate hai?
    a) 130
    b) 140
    c) 200
    d) 250
Ans: 140

17. OSI Model Me Kitane Layeres hai?
    a) 5
    b) 6
    c) 7
    d) 8
Ans: 7

17. Niche me se kis sites ko social networking sites kaha jata hai?
    a) Yahoo
    b) Google
    c) Facebook
    d) None of these
Ans: Facebook

18. .org extension wali sites----------- hai.
    a) Commercial
    b) Entertainment
    c) Organizational
    d) Education
Ans: Organizational

19. Printer se nikali hui print ko -------- kaha jata hai.
    a) Soft Copy
    b) Painting
    c) Hard Copy
    d) None of these
Ans: Hard Copy

20. Scanner ------- Device Hai?
    a) Input
    b) Output
Ans: Input

Kuch Kam Aane Wale Full Forms:

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol
E-mail: Electronic mail
CPU: Central Processing Unit
CRT: Cathode Ray Tube
CUI: Character User Interface
HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
WWW: World Wide Web
MAC: Media Access Controller
IP: internet Protocol
GUI: Graphical User Interface
ROM: Read Only Memory
WAN: Wide Area Network
LAN: Local Area Network
CD: Compact Disk
DVD: Digital Versatile Disk
DBMS: Database Management System

Memory Units:
0 or 1 = bit
8 bit = 1 byte
1024 bytes = 1 KB (Kilobyte)
1024 KB = 1 MB (Megabyte)
1024 MB = 1 GB (Gigabyte)
1024 GB = 1 TB (Terabyte)

To ye kuch computer se related general knowledge ke question hai. Agar aapko ye post acchi lagi ho to comment me jarur bataye.


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