C Programming Me Data Types Kya Hota Hai

Data types used in c programming. C programming me data type’s kya hota hai, (डेटा टाइप्स In C प्रोग्रामिंग) iske kitane type’s hai, inka use kya hai ye sub hum is post me details me janane wale hai.

Data Types In C

Data Types Kya Hai:

C programming me agar koi value variable me store karani hai to hume wo kis prakar ki value hai to pahale declare karana padata hai, taki compiler ko samaj me aaye ki humane program me kis tarah ki value ka use kiya hai.
Data yane set of values hota hai. Data types ek format hai jiska use hum specific value ko variable me store karane ke liye karate hai. Hume agar kisi value ko variable me store karana hai to hume usi prakar ka data types use karana padata hai.
C programming me data types ko main 4 category me divided kiya gaya hai. Aap niche image me dekh sakate hai.

Data Types

1. Basic Data Type:

Basic data types ka mostly programming me use kiye jate hai. Ye data types mainly arithmetic calculation karane ke liye kiya jate hai.
Basic data types Ko sub category me divide kar sakate hai.
a) Integer
b) Floating
c) Character

a) Integer:
Ye data type numerical value (without decimal places) store karane ke liye use kiya jata hai.
Ise declare karane ke liye ‘int’ keyword ka use hota hai. Iske liye generally 2 bytes memory lagati hai. Integer data type ki range -32768 to 32767 hai.
e.g Hume kisi person ka age declare karana hai to
int age=20, is prakar hum declare kar sakate hai.

b) Floating:
Isme hum numerical value jo decimal place me hoti hai ye store karane ke liye hota hai.
Ise declare karane ke liye ‘float’ keyword ka use hota hai. Iske liye generally 4 bytes memory lagati hai.
Float a =10.2
Float price= 1001.52
c) Character:
Character data type alphabet, single character ko variable me store karane ke liye use kiya jata hai. Ye character single quote me use kiya jata hai.
Character data type ke liye ‘Char’ keyword use kiya jata hai. Isko 1 byte memory lagati hai.
Char name=’a’

2) User defined Data Type:

User defined data type yane jo user ne banaye gaye data type hai. Mainly 2 subcategory hai.
a) Structure:
Collection of similar as well as different data types.
b) Union:
Union bhi collection hota hai similar aur different data types ka.


3) Derived Data Types:

Derived data type yane is data type ko kisi aur data types ki help se create kiya gaya hai.
Niche diye gaye data types hai jo derived data types hai.
a) Array:
Array ye ek collection hota hai similar type of data elements ka.
b) Pointer:
Pointer ka kam hota hai variable ki memory location ko point karana.

4) Empty Data Type:

Empty data types ka program me waise to kuch use nahi hota hai. Ye sirf isliye use kiye jate hai taki function ka jo return type hota hai use empty dikhane ke liye.
Empty data type ko denote karane ke liye ‘Void’ keyword ka use hota hai.
Agar koi function kuch value return nahi karata hai to use void denote kiya jata hai.

Is tarah hum c programming me data types use karate hai. Agar aapko data types ke bare me koi problem ho to niche comment me bata sakate hai.


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