10+ Most Important Differences between C and C++

C aur C++ Me basic kya difference hota hai, ye aaj hum janate hai.
Agar aap C++ sikhana start kar rahe hai to aapke C language ke bare me bhi Jankari honi jaruri hai, kyon ki C ye C++ ka base hai.

Difference between C and C++ Hindi Me

C ye ek object oriented programming language hai. To wahi C++ ye object oriented language hai.
To Wahi C language me classes nahi hote hai, aur C++ me classes aur object hote hai.

Basic Points:
C language ko Dennis Ritchie ne develop kiya tha.
C++ ko Bjarne Stroustrup in develop kiya tha. C++ ye C language se derived ki gayi hai.
C++ me classes, inheritance ka use kiya jata hai. To wahi dusari aur C language me classes, inheritance nahi hai.
Most C Programs ko hum C++ Compiler me run kar sakate hai.
To chaliye hum in Differences ko tabular form me dekhate hai.

Differences between C and C++:

1. C is procedure oriented language.
2. C++ is object oriented language.
2. Top down Approach ka use hota hai.
2. Program design me bottom up approach use hota hai.
3. Virtual function nahi use kar skate.
3. Virtual function use kar skate hai.
4. C language me polymorphism possible nahi hai.
4. C++ language ka polymorphism most important feature hai.
5. Operator overloading possible nahi hai.
5. Operator overloading possible hai.
6. Namespace feature available nahi hai.
6. Namespace feature available hai, collision avoid karane ke liye.
7. Input Scanf()
Output Printf() ka use kiya jata hai.

7. Input Cin>>
Output Cout<<
Ka use kiya jata hai.

8. Inheritance possible nahi hai.
8. Inheritance most important feature hai, jisse code repeat ion avoid kiya jata hai.
9. Built in data types ko support karati hai.
9. Built in aur user defined dono data types ko support karati hai.
10. Exception handling possible nahi hai.
10. Exception handling ke liye try, though, catch block ka use hota hai.

C language me memory allocation aur reallocation ke liye malloc(), calloc() function ka use hota hai.
C++ me New, Delete operators ka use hota hai, memory allocation aur deallocation ke liye.

C me hum friend function nahi use kar sakate.
C++ me friend function feature ka use kar skate hai.
To ye kuch major differences hai, C aur C++ language ke bich ke.
Waise to bahut sare points hum isme add kar sakate hai, par ye kuch key features hai.

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